Warning: contains nerd! (m4w) - Oakland, CA

Hello! I think I'm supposed to go on about how I have a python in my pants the girth of an eggplant. That I can go all night, bring you to all the orgasms, and so on.

You're so much more than someone looking for a quick screw. So am I. I mean, yeah, sex is awesome! Don't get me wrong. But it's so much more fun when it's not just hasty drunken fumbling, over in five minutes.

So rather than bragging about my cock or my oral skills or whatever, let's try this: respect.

Me? I'm a nerd, 31, tall (6'3"), healthy sense of humor, pulse, the whole nine yards. I can even carry a conversation!

I'm into science, technology, science fiction, and the occasional indie film. I also know a lot about alcohol and have been guilty of collecting. No smoking. I've got an odd musical collection that takes in roots rock and modern electronica and Spanish guitar. I live alone in West Oakland.

One past fwb offered to write me a letter of recommendation... and yes, I've been told more than once that I'm well-equipped.

Oh yes. Clean, tested, and can be reached at zeus@electonicalchemist.net

A few alternate sites some of us recommend...

  • SwingLifestyle - Probably the largest/most widely populated and active swinger community.
  • Kasidie - Large swinger community. A younger crowd (in most areas) - relatively well populated in major metro areas and the west coast.
  • SDC - Most popular swinger community outside the United States

Those of you who are single guys and paying enough attention to read this... If you haven't looked into/heard of the "hotwife" lifestyle, you probably should. Swinger community sites are a great place to look for people into the hotwife lifestyle. Final tip: Fill out your profile (paid profiles go a long way with this approach), upload decent photos and approach the hotwife/couples in a respectful and well presented manner.