Casual Encounter Listing Rules

These rules will be strictly enforced. Every listing will be moderated by a human.

Listings violating these rules will be denied or deleted.

  • Do not include photos of people who are not involved. Do not upload photos including people who are not involved in your listing. Example: If you're posting as a single guy - don't include a photo of you and another person - we don't have any way to verify that person is ok with you sharing photos of them in this context.
  • No professionals or soliciting. No prostitution. No premium snapchats. No discussion or implication of exchange of currency or goods for 'services' or company.
  • No illegal activities. (incest, animals, etc) No implying of illegal activities.
  • 18+ - This is simple, don't post looking for or even insinuating you're looking for someone under 18. If you're under 18, don't create a listing.
  • No phone numbers. Don't post them, we can't ensure that it belongs to you and won't take the chance it doesn't.
  • If you use an email address in your listing as your contact info, it must match the email address you created your account with. (We're attempting to combat people making listings and forwarding the contacts to someone else's email address unbeknownst to them)
  • No drugs. Absolutely no mentions or implications of drugs or drug use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My listing is 'Pending Moderation', what does that mean?
    These listings are awaiting human moderation. Listings aren't published until they've been authorized by us.