bukakke time (t4m) - San Diego, CA

very tall trans woman, redhead, 36d, small penis, bisexual.
looking for the future.
I have a fantasy I want to fulfill and have had trouble convincing my spouse in the past, but I'm working on it and getting closer.
I want men, lots of them. No sex, but lots of cum. I want more than ten men, as many as possible, preferably dozens but a minimum of 10 will do. All ages and body types, but preferably between 25 and 45, some skinny, some bigger, some hairy, some shaved.
I'm into piss and cum on a big scale. I want men to come in and gather in the living room. Get naked instantly, no clothes allowed past the entryway. I don't want any man's penis without a hand on it. get hard as soon as you are able and keep it ready. Bukakke porn will playing on the TV, no talking, just come in get naked and start playing with yourself. I will be making rounds, giving you a hand here and there, expecting you to grope lick and kiss my tits, until everyone has arrived. I can't stress enough, keep silent and keep playing with yourself. I don't want any talking and I want lots of men constantly wanking, but no cum allowed until I'm ready.
When everyone is here, naked and going to town on themselves I'll start leading you to the kitchen and lay down on the table. Everyone gather around me. I want enough men that you have to take turns getting close enough to cum on me. Once I'm lying down on the table I want constant cum being sprayed onto every part of my body. I'm not to tug you off, I'm going to suck you. Getting the cum out is entirely on you, I'll just be laying there. But I want all cum on me, and you are welcome to play with my tits, my feet, whatever you want to use to help.
I want cum in my hair. I want cum between my toes. I want so much cum on my tits I can't see them and I want to feel every drop fall onto my skin and hear nothing but the gentle, satisfied grunts of orgasming men as that sticky white goo saturates my body.
Once you cum step aside and let another take your place. Once everyone has cum gather back around and wash all that wonderful sticky liquid away with piss. Pee all the cum off of my body and once I'm clean fill my mouth with your piss.
When every bladder is empty, gather your clothes and dress in the entryway and leave silently. Again, I don't want anyone to talk during the entire process. Come in, give me what I want, and leave.

If you're interested and agree to the plan then email me. Once I have at least 10 I will get to back to you with place and time.


A few alternate sites some of us recommend...

  • SwingLifestyle - Probably the largest/most widely populated and active swinger community.
  • Kasidie - Large swinger community. A younger crowd (in most areas) - relatively well populated in major metro areas and the west coast.
  • SDC - Most popular swinger community outside the United States

Those of you who are single guys and paying enough attention to read this... If you haven't looked into/heard of the "hotwife" lifestyle, you probably should. Swinger community sites are a great place to look for people into the hotwife lifestyle. Final tip: Fill out your profile (paid profiles go a long way with this approach), upload decent photos and approach the hotwife/couples in a respectful and well presented manner.