M4w recently single wanting to make orgasms flood your body (m4w) - Houston, TX

I recently returned home from half way around the world. Found my girl fucking a friend. Didn’t get mad, just asked them both to leave. I now have the opportunity to make any woman seeking orgasm from a skilled Scorpio lover with an end cap of a thorough pussy licking to another orgasm and more if you make it known to me that wow, you would take more of anything I wanted to let you experience bliss, especially you just give your body up to me completely saying go to town you have the capacity to let me show her what she’s missing.  PhD69@dr.com 

A few alternate sites some of us recommend...

  • SwingLifestyle - Probably the largest/most widely populated and active swinger community.
  • Kasidie - Large swinger community. A younger crowd (in most areas) - relatively well populated in major metro areas and the west coast.
  • SDC - Most popular swinger community outside the United States

Those of you who are single guys and paying enough attention to read this... If you haven't looked into/heard of the "hotwife" lifestyle, you probably should. Swinger community sites are a great place to look for people into the hotwife lifestyle. Final tip: Fill out your profile (paid profiles go a long way with this approach), upload decent photos and approach the hotwife/couples in a respectful and well presented manner.